Police report a tragic turn of events as a scuba diver’s weekend canal dive turned fatal in the Welland Recreational Canal on Saturday in an area known as Welland Scuba Park.


It all began about 1:04 p.m., on Saturday afternoon when police say they received a marine call.  When they arrived on scene they were told that two men in their 20’s were scuba diving in the canal and then became separated with one surfacing to locate the other, fearing entrapment under the ice.

When the other diver could not be found, a passerby along the canal called 911 and the Welland Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services immediately attended the scene.

Welland Fire Department officers wearing survival suits used a small inflatable rapid deployment craft to maneuver over the ice to the diver’s last-known location. The firefighters found and extricated the missing diver by cutting through the ice.

He was given CPR by Emergency Medical Services paramedics on the canal bank before being taken to hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

Police and the coroner’s office have launched an investigation into the fatal incident.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at 905-688-4111, ext 1007448

ABOUT WELLAND SCUBA PARK  Welland Scuba Park runs between the Lincoln Street and Ontario Road bridges and has underwater features for divers to explore.

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