Did you know that one of the easiest things you can do around your home or business to make life less stressful is to get organized?


It may not be that much of a big deal if there’s a small amount of clutter around you, occasionally. However, clutter is a symptom of being unorganized so here are two simple ideas to get things back on track.

Declutter your home

It is energy-draining when your house is a mess, as where you start and end your day has a big effect on your outlook. Don’t get distracted by micros – there is no need for in-depth organizing. The important part is to put everything in its proper place. Determining the one correct place for each item, and returning it there every time is the biggest problem solver in de-cluttering.

If there are items you do not use, pack them up and send them off to someone who will.  Take heart here, it may be hard to part with some items, but, it will be well worth it down the road.

Get Some Organizational Products into your Home

Think laundry rooms, garage spaces, home offices… any places where there is a lot of clutter build up that drives you crazy, these are great starting points for a fresh start and perhaps even some professional advice.

Below, just like that a GORGEOUS laundry room has incredible storage capacity and organization that makes every day chores a breeze from Closets by Design Niagara.


Another incredibly stress relieving place to clear the disorganization is the garage.  Below, a fabulous transformation on a garage by Closets by Design Niagara that keeps everything in its place.


We caught up with organization specialist Bob Fraser, General Manager of Closets by Design Niagara who says that in the many years he has been helping clients create the storage space of their dreams he has noticed that the benefits are huge for a person when they finally get the areas sorted in their homes that used to be out of control.

“An organized space helps create clarity in your surroundings when you can easily find things and as a result save valuable time and even money because those duplicate purchases won’t be necessary when everything is properly sorted.  The folks that call us for a free in home design consultation are often blown away by the positive impact our organization solutions offer.”

Below, a video overview of  organizational experts Closets By Design Niagara!

Fraser also says that sometimes there is a misconception that custom designs and builds are expensive, but the reality is that the systems by Closet By Design Niagara come in 3 price points and customers in any budget bracket can have the closet or storage space of their dreams.

As an incentive right now, Closets By Design Niagara is offering 40% off all their products plus free home installation and if you’re not sure about it, why not call them today for a  free in-home consultation with no strings and see what the possibilities are!

Closets By Design Niagara offers:

Reach-in Closet

Walk-in Closet

Garage Cabinets

Home Office

Sliding Mirrored Doors


Hobby Center

Laundry Area

You name it!



Wrapping up, if you’re more organized, you will feel in control, instead of feeling you are being swept along by the events of the day. And any choices made while not under pressure will result in better decision making.

One of the best things about being organized is that it creates time for the things you want to do, whether at home or work and remember, getting started is the hardest part!


If your home needs an organizational makeover that’s on time on budget and beautiful, the experts at Closets By Design Niagara welcome you to contact them for a no obligation in-home consultation today.  

From garages, to home offices, to guest bedrooms, closets and everything in between, they will custom create your solution in their Niagara-on-the-Lake factory and install it in your home.

Enjoy huge savings when you book now with 40% Off PLUS , free installation and financing options.  SERVING SOUTHERN ONTARIO FROM KITCHENER & WATERLOO TO NIAGARA FALLS AND ALL CITIES IN-BETWEEN




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