According to preliminary data from Elections Canada, fewer than 70 percent of registered voters in Niagara cast a ballot in the federal election and it appears voter turnout in Canada’s 44th election was underwhelming.


The highest turnout was reported in Niagara West with 68.83 percent with St. Catharines at 64.51 percent turnout, Niagara Falls at 60.87 percent, and Niagara Centre’s turnout at 60.71 percent.

Niagara Falls is the only riding reporting a higher voter turnout compared to the 2019 federal election.  The data from Elections Canada does not include electors registering on election day.

Nationwide, Elections Canada is listing voter turnout at 60.86 percent as of early Thursday morning.

Local Turnout Results
Niagara Centre: 2021 (60.71%) 2019 (63.8%)
Niagara Falls: 2021 (60.87%) 2019 (60.3%)
Niagara West: 2021 (68.83%) 2019 (70.5%)
St. Catharines: 2021 (64.51%) 2019 (65.6%)

The pandemic election is the most expensive in Canadian history at an estimated $600 million.


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