Niagara Regional Police say there were 57 alleged impaired driving offences between September 10-October 6, 2021 and in an effort to bring further deterrence to driving while impaired they are reporting the names of those people who are charged.


In addition to being charged, these individuals are also bound by a Ministry of Transportation 90-day Administrative Driver’s License Suspension and are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle on a roadway. The public is encouraged to contact the Niagara Regional Police Service Traffic Safety Hotline or Crime Stoppers to report those who are driving in contravention of the suspension.

Police say the following individuals have been charged criminally with impaired driving by alcohol or drugs, driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 80 mgs or above of alcohol in 100 ml of blood, or refusing to provide a breath / blood sample.

Jahmal N. HUGGAN-LOUNGS 29 years, St. Catharines

Theodore SHALLIP 75 years, St. Catharines

David A. E. ALLEN 57 years, St. Catharines

Alexsandra L. ZDZIEBLO 37 years, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Anthony BOYANO 19 years, St. Catharines

Christopher D. DESCHAMBEAULT 60 years, Welland

Patricia D. SAUCIER 50 years, Fort Erie

Mark R. TYMCZYSZYN 29 years, St. Catharines

Devona L. WARNER 29 years, St. Catharines

Alvin R. CHURKOO 30 years, Terra Cotta

Mahamat A. TIBER 41 years, Niagara Falls

Joshua LUCKETT 43 years, Niagara Falls

Sydney D. L. ATREO 27 years, Fort Erie

Cameron S. MOSSEY 30 years, Pelham

Hugh C. R. AMOS 61 years, Niagara Falls

Daniel G. MARKWICK 28 years, St. Catharines

Hirad M. MOHAMED-ADAN 33 years, St. Catharines

Oliver ARVINRAJ 28 years, Thorold

Jonathan A. SOSA SALGUERO 32 years, Fort Erie

John G. KELLY 33 years, Niagara Falls

Priscilla L. BURRY 46 years, Welland

Brandon G. TUMBER 25 years, Burlington

Jeffrey R. HILLMAN 28 years, St. Catharines

Robert G. BERRY 48 years, St. Catharines

Jerry W. WASHKEVICH 53 years, St. Catharines

Jacob S. HARRIS 19 years, Niagara Falls

Cody P. KARABANIK 22 years, Thorold

Steven M. KLIMEK 31 years, Welland

Gregory M. M. BOGL 22 years, Belle River

Unnikrishnan HARIDASANPILLAI 34 years, St. Catharines

Daniel A. LEGAULT 21 years, Welland

Peter S. FISHER 58 years, Niagara Falls

Gualtiero GIANSANTE 57 years, Grimsby

Sonia S. CANO 62 years, St. Catharines

Cassandra L. SAVAGE 39 years, Fort Erie

Melissa A. WINSTANLEY 45 years, Fort Erie

Jeremy J. OXFORD 44 years, Niagara Falls

Ashley R. CERROS 37 years, Niagara Falls

Mayden A. GUERRERO 32 years, Thorold

Christian R. BRADFORD 50 years, Welland

Matthew J. VANDER WAL 36 years, St. Catharines

James A. SHUKER 59 years, St. Catharines

James P. BELANGER 26 years, Welland

Dalton J. S. HILL 25 years, St. Catharines

D’arcy A. ROWAT 51 years, Niagara Falls

Adam W. MANUEL 37 years, Lincoln

Terri L. PFEIFFER 43 years, Thorold

James R. GUEST 24 years, Thorold

Davonte S. CARTER 29 years, Niagara Falls NY

Daniel D. BOOSE 35 years, St. Catharines

Terry L. BINGLEY 65 years, Niagara Falls

Joseph J. DOLCE-MARASCO 23 years, Welland

Francois BELLEMARRE 44 years, St. Catharines

Stephan D. JONES 32 years, Welland

Angelo A. VOULGARAKIS 25 years, Niagara Falls

Chase B. A. PAGE 32 years, Fort Erie

Ted M. NEWBERRY 40 years, Thorold

The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to reducing impaired driving offences through education and the apprehension of offenders through enforcement programs like R.I.D.E. Impaired driving is still the leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada and affects thousands of lives every year.

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