Fireworks are now banned for the remainder of 2022 in St. Catharines as things have gotten a bit out of hand according to officials.

In a statement just released, St. Catharines Fire Service wants to remind both business owners and residents that it is now illegal to sell or set off consumer fireworks in St. Catharines for the rest of the year.

Residents in St. Catharines were permitted to light consumer fireworks on private property on Victoria Day and Canada Day, including the day before and after the date of the holiday each year. However, over the last month St. Catharines Fire Services received a significant number of complaints related to fireworks.

“Our main concern here is the safety of our residents, beyond the issues of noise complaints impacting neighbours and pets. When people are setting fireworks off, embers and remnants of the fireworks are spreading onto their neighbours’ properties.

The embers floating around have damaged roofs and can easily cause a fire,” said Fire Chief Dave Upper.

The City’s fireworks by-law prohibits the selling of consumer fireworks works without an approved permit and prohibits setting off fireworks on City property including parks.

Full details on the City’s fireworks by-law can be found at

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