An incredible eclipse is anticpated April 8, 2024 and Niagara Region will have some of the best views to take in this spectacular event! The last total solar eclipse in Ontario was in 1979.

This spectacular and rare celestial event is set to unfold over Canada, the United States and Mexico – a total solar eclipse. As the Moon aligns perfectly between Earth and the Sun, temporary darkness will sweep across parts of the country, captivating countless spectators.

In some places, it will partially block out the sun. But in others — including Hamilton, Burlington, Ont., Six Nations, Ont., and the Niagara Region — the moon will fully block the sun’s light.

The length of time will vary depending where you are. Check out the full coverage of timing HERE.

Niagara Parks Events

Niagara Parks is promoting several events, including some leading up to the date. The Power Station will host educators and a mobile planetarium from April 5 through 8. NASA and Canadian Space Agency scientists will give talks.

From April 6 to 8, the nearby Table Rock Centre will hold interactive workshops for kids.

On eclipse day, the Butterfly Conservatory will have an astronomer from Toronto Metropolitan University present to talk with guests.

The falls will be lit up specially for the eclipse on April 7, and there will be live music on April 8 with performances from The Glorious Sons, JJ Wilde, New Friends, The Boneheads, and the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, which will play a prelude to the eclipse, resuming when the moon fully covers the sun.

Wainfleet, Ont.

At Long Beach in Wainfleet, Ont., the group camping area will be available for day-use on April 8. People can also book sites to camp at from April 7 to April 8.

Port Colborne, Ont.

At the Vale Health & Wellness Centre, there will be telescopes to view the eclipse, and an inflatable planetarium.

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority is opening its Ball’s Falls, Binbrook, and Long Beach parks early for the eclipse.


When viewing the eclipse it is very important to take safety precautions as outlined here:

This is an incredible event to experience a total solar eclipse, as the next one will not be visible in Niagara Falls until 2144!

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