Ok folks yet another kitchen product that has multiple uses and the results are amazing.  Try these new ideas.

  1. Shaving.  Apply coconut oil to underarms, bikini area, etc.  before getting into the tub or shower and you have the closest shave ever.
  2. Bye Bye blemish.  After cleansing apply coconut oil to face to slow sebum production which makes your body think it has enough oils so it slows production of its own.  Less oils equals less acne.
  3. Remove Waterproof Eye Makeup. Waterproof makeup is killer to remove, but with coconut oil it comes off with a cotton round plus leaves the area moisturized.
  4. Wrinkles Use coconut oil as an anti-aging eye cream to fight fine lines with its hydrating and exfoliating capabilities.
  5. Scrub Away Dull Skin. OK this works, is cheap and smells good.  Mix 2 tablespoons coconut oil with 1/4 cup sugar to create the perfect body scrub.
  6. Metabolism Booster. The saturated fats in coconut oil have been shown to help burn belly fat . Switch up butter for coconut oil and you’ll feel and look healthier .
  7. Sunburned Skin Relief. Apply coconut oil to burned skin to soothe discomfort, prevent peeling, fight infection, and encourage faster cell turnover.
  8. Whiten Teeth Yes really!! (if you are OK with the taste).  Vigorously swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 2 minutes before spitting out to break down plaque and whiten your teeth.
  9. Absorb More Vitamins. Put coconut oil over vegetables to make sure you’re absorbing all the fat-soluble vitamins in the healthiest way.
Let us know what you think!