Welcome to five star luxury Fido…heck you may not even want to go home after this stay!

On their website The Olde Towne Pet Resort calls itself a premier day spa & hotel for dogs and cats and one of the most innovative pet resorts in the Northern Virginia area.

The state-of-the-art pet resort features various boarding options, amenities and unique spa services that are sure to make for a puurfect stay.

So let’s take a look at the rundown shall we?

Prices start at $30 for cats and $60 for dogs per night, but luxury suites begin at $105 a night and come with webcams and TVs. (according to staff Animal Planet is a big hit)

There are Pawlates for Pooches, some dogs get a Popsicle every night, others like warm coconut oil drizzled over their food.  Basically every appetite is accommodated.

When it comes to activities there are no shortages of entertainments.  Fitness classes, swimming, training, massages, limo rides and even “cuddle dates” (yes…the human pet version where human snuggles up to pet for 20 minutes and lavishes attention on them with words and strokes).

Perhaps your pet is more into retail therapy though.  No worries, clients can ask for personal shopping sprees, allowing their dog or cat to pick out toys from the gift shop.

All in all The Olde Towne Pet Resort takes boarding to a new level.

Would you spring for it?  Do pets really sense the difference between 3 and 5 star accommodations?  Comments Welcome! (VIDEO FEATURES CLIENT:  RISKY THE DOG)


Source: Olde Towne Pet Resort

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