Technology is here to stay folks and frankly….that pushes us closer to a staple free society!  One where retailer Staples is having a hard time finding its place in a increasingly paper free world.

Staples announced yesterday that it had closed 15 of its 331 Canadian locations at the end of September, waiting for the back to school rush to conclude before it made the move.  In the big pictures, the office supply giant said last month that they will close up to 225 stores in North American to drastically reduce costs by 2015.

The chain which is pretty much the last of its kind here (Grand & Toy and Office Depot have already closed their Canadian doors) has also seen the toll that increased online purchasing has had on its business.

Which stores have officially stopped business?  Staples is encouraging shoppers to check their website for updates.  But all 3 locations in niagara including in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Welland remain open.


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