Did you catch Saturday Night Live this Weekend?  If so, you saw this week’s host was Sarah Silverman.  Her comedy style has always revolved around social taboos and controversial topics but it is her bravery as a woman just to put things out there in their raw form that I truly admire.

She is very forward, doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks and in a documentary I saw last week: Makers: Women in Comedy; she talked about how as a child she was rewarded by attention and applause whenever she did something shocking like swear in front of adults and it felt so good she got hooked.  SO hooked in fact that she went on to be a comedian. One that thrived on shock and laughs which formed the foundation of her personal style.

Anyways long story short, I was surprised to learn that Silverman actually used to work for SNL in the 90’s as a writer and occasional performer and then was fired (by fax) 18 short weeks later.  Do you remember her there?  I certainly don’t.  The first time she truly came on to my radar was The Sarah Silverman Program from 2007-2010.  Also for some time I recall she was engaged to late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

So my point in this whole thing was really being blown away that a talent like Silverman would get axed by a comedy powerhouse like SNL. To me it’s inspirational when someone can get an opportunity like that, get it taken away from them and then so graciously walk away (she says she has no hard feelings about the gig), SUCCEED despite the odds and then return to the show as a host years later.

I really like that girl (maybe even more now). So here’s a little clip of that Silverman magic from her opening monologue this weekend. WARNING: Material may be offensive to some






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