Who doesn’t want a better memory?  A new study out of Georgia Institute of Technology shows that an intense 20 minutes minute workout may be just the ticket for young adults to get just that.

The study took into account that the kids didn’t have lots of time for exercise, so the movements were structured around short term lifting…a single session,  2 days before their memories were tested for results.

In the past research has shown it is right after exercise that the brain is “aroused” and most likely to benefit memory so the 23 subjects in the study were asked to view 90 photographs that were light, medium or serious in content after exercise.

Have of them then performed 50 leg extensions at their maximum capacity (test group)and the other half did the reps with no resistance  (control group).

The result?  Two days later the control group recalled 50 percent of the original pics and the test group recalled 60 percent.

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to pass the weights!


SOURCE: Acta Psychologica.


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