Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.

George Jean Nathan


In a time when voter apathy is at an all-time high, particularly with youth, perhaps we need reminding why it is imperative that you make your voice heard.

City Council is your front line of government. Policy, services and budgeting are paramount at the City level. This is where all decisions that affect you, where you live and what kind of City you live in. It determines by its policies which businesses come to your City which determines jobs where you live. What your City offers in health, recreation, tax rates and water rates. These are big reasons whether companies want to open in your City. It determines services that are available and how much it will cost you for these services.


City Council are your decision makers and from there it goes to working with the Region in Niagara. Your Mayor and Regional Councillors bring the needs of the City to The Region which does the same at a Regional level. So, whoever is on the city level  affects the Regional level which determines the entire Region. Your City Council works with both your Provincial MPP and Federal MP to make decisions at those levels.

So you see wherever you live, work or play it’s your votes that make the difference. You can make a difference by voting as it is your voice on who makes the decisions where you live. The City Councillors and Mayors, Regional Councillors, MPPs and MPs are public servants that are there by the majority of votes they receive and ultimately answer to the people starting at the local level. Your vote can make a difference and there is power in numbers. Only you; by voting can make the difference where and how you live.

I think we forget sometimes as well and it is truly worth repeating, that voting is such a privilege.  People actually fought in wars so that we could have our voice heard by casting a ballot.  If that is not enough, look around the world where countless people put their lives on the line for democracy.

By voting in the upcoming municipal elections you affect change for now and for the future.  Let’s continue to work together to make this great place to live even better!

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