We can all be bummed at the sight of the white stuff on the ground outside OR we can rejoice at the bounty of opportunities the cold weather provides for us!

One of those so called opportunities is getting into those hearty, homey and warming dishes of the cold months again.  Enter the Crock-Pot (aka slow cooker)!

A tried and tested kitchen apparatus that we probably all remember from our childhood, its old school technology of simmering foods over a long period of time still works today. Plus, nostalgia aside, there are so many reasons why you should consider “rocking the pot” this winter if you aren’t already!

  1. Easy– You don’t need to be a chef to use this thing which is great.  Just layer up the foods, put in your spices, add some liquid, set the dial early in the day and go about your business be it work or play.  By taking a long time the device will ensure all the flavours meld together in an incredible fashion and you can be sure to have an amazing meal when the day is done: moist and delicious.
  2. Cost Effective –Starting at about 19 bucks and going up to about 100;  it is not a big investment to purchase one.   A slow cooker also lets you buy cuts of meat that are a lot less expensive as well because they are easily tenderized by the long low heat cooking process.  Even vegetarians can rejoice because they can use dried beans vs. pre-cooked canned beans which are about half the cost and come out just as delicious.
  3. Energy Savings -Power-wise they only consume a fraction of the price it costs to run your oven –that means more savings per meal which can add up over a year.
  4. Good For You-Crock-Pots use liquid and a long length of time to cook your foods so added oils are not necessary for flavor and tenderization, thus cutting down the calories and fat.
  5. No Fuss No Muss– The Crock-Pot holds the whole meal in one pot, so there are not numerous pots and pans that have to be scrubbed.  Just one, simple, easy clean pot. Most have a removable pot inside that even make it easier.  These removable options also double serve as a storage container for leftovers in the fridge….which brings us to the next point…
  6. Leftovers-If you are not having lots of company over, chances are there will be leftovers when you cook in a Crock-Pot and that means delicious snacks for the next day as well.
  7. Time-This is one of the biggest bonuses of slow cooking technology.  There is no time you have to waste hovering over a stove or monitoring the meal. Instead it’s set it and forget it.  Literally.  Also the possibility of ever under or overcooking your meal is virtually zero.
  8. Good Vibes-Who doesn’t love to come home to the aroma of dinner in the air?  A Crock-Pot is your ticket to exactly that after a long day.


BOTTOM LINE: If tasty, economical, time and energy saving meals sounds up your alley with a whole lotta leftovers to boot…a Crock-Pot is an old friend that you might want to consider welcoming home again!


Comments Welcome!  Do you use a Crock-Pot…..what are some of your favourite recipes if you do?

Let us know what you think!