The holiday season is soon approaching with it being a joyous time of the year for many people. However, for some it is a time of feeling lonely, sad, and longing to be with their departed ones. As we move into another season of celebrating Christmas, some of us out there will be morning the loss of a loved one while others will be going through financial hardship that will prevent them from fully enjoying this time of the year.

The more we move into a materialistic celebration the more we move away from the essence of this celebration. Today, why don’t we make a shift? Let us visit a friend that recently lost a loved one, may be even visit a sick person in the hospital, or share a meal with a neighbour.

For those of you, who lost a loved one, know that the loss of a life does not mean the loss of a spirit. It is an energetic transformation from one state to another, from the physical body to the spiritual body. Our loved ones are still with us and they try to communicate with us through visions, dreams, and thoughts.

This holiday season, think about them and send them a message through your thoughts and they will reciprocate by communicating back with you. This holiday season; don’t feel you are alone because you are not. I say this based on my experience as a psychic medium and because of all the spirits that crossed over and delivered messages to their loved ones. I now know that we are surrounded by our loved ones that want to guide, protect, and help us here on earth if we allow them to do so.

This is a message to all of you who lost loved ones and longing to communicate with them: One of the most common methods spirits use to let us know that they are still with us is by appearing in our dreams. These dreams appear to be very real to us emotionally and physically because our spirits will meet up with our departed loved ones spirits during our sleep. Don’t worry if you do not remember those dreams because the conscience mind does not remember them; however, rest assure that it happens and when you remember you are reminded that your loved ones are around you.

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