Colour preference is a matter of personal taste. It affects individuals in various ways. In part, because each person sees colour differently. People’s reaction to colour may provoke mood swings, alter their sense of well being, or even impact their physical health. In some cases, due to personal experiences or a previous life style, ones response to a certain colour can be remarkable. Therefore it is sensible to select neutral colours once you have decided to sell your home.

neutral 1

Possibly more than any other decorating element, colour is the keystone to a professional decorating job. Colour creates the mood of the room. Yet, decorating isn’t home staging. So when preparing a home for sale, we must be certain to choose colours wisely.  That is why I call it the silent salesperson!

Neutral colour schemes are used almost without exception by the professionally trained Home Stager. The following is a selection as to the many reasons why:

  • to be pleasing to potential buyers
  • the property will be closer to ‘move-in’ condition
  • the home viewer will not be distracted by the owners’ personal taste
  • the house in general will appear more spacious
  • surfaces, textures, and architectural features will be more clearly visible
  • low cost investment with a lucrative return
  • neutral colours present the future buyer with a ‘blank canvas’ encouraging the “Oh Honey! Can you imagine…” type dialogue
  • the subtlety of neutral colours will enhance the overall experience of the buyers visit to their future home

neutral 2

Neutral decor can be quite exciting and sophisticated in the hands of a skilled professional.  So, on a final note, although a splash of colour may just be the ticket while living in a home, reverting to the neutrals is the safe bet for the maximum likability factor and ultimately a SOLD sign on your front yard!

Let us know what you think!