In keeping with the Niagara Regional Police Service’s commitment to traffic safety; Officers from 8-District Uniform Patrol will be commencing a 3-month road safety operation dubbed Operation Multi-task.

Operation Multi-task will include successful road safety initiatives designed to address drivers who continue to speed, drive impaired, drive while distracted, fail to follow the rules of road, and refuse to clear snow from their vehicles. Officers assigned to this traffic initiative will work around the clock and operate both marked and unmarked police vehicles.

Drivers are reminded that road conditions can change quickly, and driving to conditions is paramount to arriving at your destination safely.  Officers will be issuing provincial offence notices to those drivers who put others at risk by engaging in these high risk activities.

Chief Jeff McGuire, and the members of Niagara Regional Police Service, are committed to making the roadways throughout Niagara safer through education and enforcement campaigns like Operation Multi-task.


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