Mondays don’t have to be a bummer! Why not get motivated tomorrow night and check out 7 awesome speakers that will hit the stage for Momondays at Mahtay Café in St. Catharines?

What are Momondays you ask? Well, just put story-telling into a blender, add a dash of personal growth, a sprinkle of laughs and great conversation with some of the nicest people on the planet, a pinch of live music and then push the ‘high’ setting !


Momondays™ is for all kinds of people who have a great story and life lessons to share, from people who have never set foot on stage, to professional speakers and everyone in-between!  At each event, you experience six to eight speakers who  tell a few personal stories. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, all are motivating. What’s more, you get to hang with all kinds of wonderful people in a fun, positive environment.
For professional speakers, momondays offers an excellent opportunity to refine established bits or try out new stories. For non-professional speakers, momondays gives them a platform to share life lessons and in many cases, extraordinarily powerful stories that would otherwise never be heard. For the audience, momondays offers personal transformation packaged as professional entertainment.

For a world that is becoming more digital, more virtual and seemingly less human, it’s a powerful combination that people today are hungry for. Professional speaker and MC Michel Neray says he originally created the event to help his fellow speakers rehearse stories and develop new content for speeches, but the concept quickly caught on with the general public – especially after he expanded the concept to include non-professional people on stage.


“Audiences are tired of canned speeches, negative rants and empty laughs. They want ‘real’ – real people, real stories and real inspiration. Momondays takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions, leaving the audience  feeling empowered and motivated.”

Introduced in February 2012 with just 15 people in the audience, the event now attracts over 100 people in Toronto. The event has expanded to 12 cities in Canada, and is now spreading into the U.S.

Tomorrow’s event at Mahtay features Michel Neray, Founder and Producer of Momondays plus:

Karen Stocker: Speaking about gratitude

Thanh Campbell- Orphan 32 as part of the Vietnamese orphan airlift

Dan Diggins : Facing the truth brings freedom

Jonathan Bellgraves – Life lessons learned thru video games

Christie Rougoor – Living in a two-legged world

There are dozens of events where you can ‘get into the minds’ of brilliant experts on countless subjects. But how many opportunities do we have be touched in our hearts?

“You meet the nicest people at momondays!”

DETAILS: Things get underway at 5:30 with the first presentations starting about 7:00 pm.  Tickets are $15 at the door with group rates available!

LOCATION: Mahtay Café & Lounge  241 St. Paul Street, Saint Catharines, Ontario L2R 3M7.  For more info: Momondays




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