So you are enjoying the warmth and beauty of your wood burning fireplace, but did you know that there are also tons of practical uses for the soot?  It’s true, just be sure to store it in a fireproof container to contain any embers and then check out this list for ways that you can re purpose it!

Melt Ice: Ashes actually have a de-icing property without hurting soil or concrete underneath so why not sprinkle a bit on the driveway tonight?

Clean Glass Fireplace Doors: A damp sponge dipped in the dust scrubs away soot residue and makes glass crystal clear!

Deodorize: A handful rubbed on you pet’s coat neutralizes the lingering odor of hard to remove scents like skunk! ALSO: Put in t-shirt material to insert in stored shoes and voila…your footwear will be smelling like roses in no time!

Silver Cleaner: A paste of ash and water makes a nontoxic metal polisher.


Stain Remover: Absorbs stains on paving. Sprinkle ash directly on the spot and watch it vanish!

Great Fertlizer: for Tomatoes and other nightshade veggies

Algae Deterrent: VERY little needed. 1 Tbs per 1000 gallons of water as needed.

Garden Pests: Spread evenly around garden beds, ash repels slugs and snails.

Enrich Compost: Before it gets applied to soil, enhance its nutrients by sprinkling in a few ashes ( but be careful…not too much!)

Bottom Line: Having a fireplace can be useful all season long


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