Sometimes it’s not about moving…it’s about reinventing the space you already have!

This family decided to extend their living in their Calaguiro Estate.  Patty had a vision and I assisted with providing decorating advice, painting, upholstery and moving services.

The lower level of this home gave this family the extra space to enhance their living.  Here are some photos of the rooms painted in West Upper Side for the walls, Diamond White for the Stairway, Ceiling and Bathroom.   Once the walls were painted the fireplace needed a facelift.  The easiest way to get a new look was to paint the fireplace with a deeper shade of grey. We used the furniture from the upstairs living room to arrange the family room so they could enjoy this new living space.

A theatre room was added to give the family a place to enjoy movie night.  This room was finished in a Willow, adding a screen with a sound system and recliner chairs to give the feel of a theatre.  The adjacent room was changed to a game room to keep the boys entertained with all their friends.

Both bedrooms were painted in West Upper Side.  The furniture was transferred from the upper levels to accommodate a living space for their sons.  A beautiful three piece bath gives this family the convenience necessary as ones they grow.

The lower level of this home was transformed to allow for an extended family living space for all to enjoy.

Comments Welcome?  Do you enjoy the challenge of decorating or do you prefer just moving into a home that is turnkey?

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