About the Author Mary Gasbarrino

For as long as Mary’s family and friends can remember she was decorating their spaces to be more beautiful. She was the mom that when her kids would come home from school their playroom would be painted a different colour. When her friends needed a room refreshed she was there to help organize and give them a new look. What was a lifetime hobby grew into a thriving business when after 20 years Mary decided to leave her career in sales management. Her passion was not just to decorate but to give people a space that made them feel good, a place that felt like home. Over the past two years, Decorate in Style has expanded throughout the Greater Niagara Region. Mary believes that how people live in their home and how they market their home for resale are two different things. She is partnering with realtors and working with clients to create the space they envision for their home, old and new. It has been an exciting two years and she is looking forward to creating many more new lifestyles in Niagara as well as contributing some of her extensive knowledge to niagarabuzz.ca! www.decorateinstyle.com