Someone in Thorold noticed the orange-and-white tabby hobbling along with a missing hind leg that had obviously not been treated.  That someone called LCHS on 15 Dec. 2014, who rescued the poor animal.

“Trooper,” as he was nicknamed, was taken immediately to an emergency clinic where his right hind leg was amputated.  At first, his prognosis looked dicey.  But he was a real “trooper,” recovering from his 40 stitches and missing leg. The LCHS spent over $1,000 for this surgery and more to maintain the health of the cat.  “We felt this surgery was the best choice for this kind cat, who deserves to be cared for in a loving home”, said Kevin Strooband, executive director of LCHS.

His owner, a Thorold woman who cannot be identified due to policy, has been charged by the LCHS under the Ontario SPCA Act with two counts of cruelty to animals:

Count 1:          Failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention.

Count 2:          Did permit the cat to be in distress.

A Provincial Offences Court appearance is scheduled for March 14, 2015.  The investigation into Trooper’s wounds is ongoing.

Trooper was adopted out to a Grimsby family at the end of the first week in January 2015.  Strooband calls him “amazingly resilient.”Trooper’s new owner reports that he’s doing well.   His hair is growing back around his surgical site.  He doesn’t shy away from people.  Most surprising, he has become friends with the family Schnauzer.  “Every day he’s coming out of his shell more and more,” she says.  She notices that Trooper “walks funny” and his stump makes a noise when it hits the hardwood floors.  But he races up and down stairs like any other cat.  “Other than when he goes to move, you’d never know he was missing a leg.”

What a contrast!   A Thorold woman who allegedly neglected Trooper’s severe injury, and a Grimsby woman who welcomed him into her home – dog and all.  Note: none of the allegations have been proven in court.

Did You Know? Charges of neglect or cruelty to animals can result in jail time and a criminal record. LCHS officers have police powers relating to animals and lay their own charges. Comments or Questions?  Email:

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