When was the last time YOU mailed a letter?

Can’t remember?  Well neither can I, but apparently Canada Post is not dependent on that to keep the profits rolling in.


Canada Post made a whopping $194 million in profit before taxes last year the Crown Corporation says and it is credited to three items .

1. More parcels shipped overall (1.5 billion dollars worth including international packages).

2. The price of stamps increased dramatically with the cost of mailing a card in Canada going from 63 cents to 85 cents in packs and up to a buck if bought individually. The increases were even higher for people sending cards overseas – from $1.85 per letter to $2.50.

3. Lower costs from employee benefits.

The company’s core mail delivery business continues to phase out however with 5.2 percent less mail being delivered when 2013 is compared to 2014.  Just to give a further perspective on where things are going with mail pieces, there has actually been a 28 percent decline since 2006.

The good news? If you DO decide to write a letter this year the corporation has said that stamp prices will remain the same for the year!  Well that’s a relief…..

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