Contributing photographer Mary-Lee Sampson managed to capture the moments perfectly in these photos she took of Coy Wolves the other evening in the St. Catharines area.

What a beautiful site!  Seeing nature at it’s rawest. I stood mere 100 meters from these magnificent animals in awe!

I made sure I gave them their distance and allowed them to catch dinner, over and over again without my interruption which consisted of mice and moles from a farmers field, not far from our city centre.



Time and time again we hear they are no threat, which I believe wholeheartedly, if we give them the respect and space they need and deserve but still many people would like to do without these predators.  Predators that have been living amongst us for years now.

In my experience, they are simply timid of humans and scare easily, so,  if you happen to come upon one yell loudly and appear large or throw something at it, as  suggested by Urban Wildlife Care and Coyote Watch. If cornered or confronted it could pose a threat, but other than that it really doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

When hungry they will look for small animals such as small dogs, squirrels, rabbits, moles and mice. Although, I myself have seen evidence of deer being a victim as well. wolf3

I think  we should just enjoy their beauty if you happen to drive by them, but always remember to keep your distance and let them roam in peace! Enjoy the photos of nature up close!!

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