Well everyone in Toronto may be plenty used to doling out oodles of cash FAST to own a piece of the hot real estate market but it looks like some of the very high end properties don’t move quite so swiftly.

Take for example this gorgeous home fashioned after the Palace of Versailles in France .  Located on the prestigious Bridle Path (an upscale residential neighbourhood in the former city of North York, now part of Toronto), it has now been up at auction TWICE and still not achieved bids that were at its reserve price.

FEATURES: The exterior of the Bridle Path Estate features custom-designed cartouches, friezes, emblems, two-story fluted pilasters with projecting Corinthian capitals, ornate brackets and laurel leaf corbels.


The spectacular 27,000 square foot property on 2.4 acres is not quite finished inside which may be part of the set-back.  Also, let’s face it… the Palace of Versailles style of living does not float everyone’s boat…or pocketbook.


Still, it is interesting to note such abodes of luxury actually exist in our own backyard…

FEATURES: Elaborate rosette coffers adorn the front portico ceiling, and substantial, 30-foot-tall Corinthian columns support the canopy. Custom cornice ornamentation, framed wall panels and window arches with prominent keystones enhance the facade. 


It had previously been listed for $23 million in November of 2013 but it now sits on the market for just under $14 million.


Handyman’s special anyone?




Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 14
Specialty Items: Fashioned After the Palace of Versailles, Custom Designed.
Address: 40 Park Lane Circle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3B 1Z7




Listing Details:  Barry CohenConcierge Auction

SOURCE: the mashcanada, priceypads.com, prnewswire

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