Shauna Hunt is a City TV reporter who finally put her foot down when a bunch of soccer fans interrupted her TV broadcast with lewd comments.  The result? A social media whirlwind and one Toronto engineer losing his job.

At first it looks like she’s going to ignore the immature act of sabotage, but the chance to hold these dudes accountable ultimately proves too seductive. “It’s a disgusting thing to say…it’s degrading to women,” she firmly explains to them.

The stunt was all part of  a popular trend that was started of heckling female reporters on air by yelling “F–k her right in the p—y”  that went viral on Reddit. It has since spawned it’s own hashtag, #FHRITP.

Her response is refreshing partially because it puts the cat callers into the awkward position of having to justify their actions, which they completely fail to do (what a surprise). “Are you actually filming this?” is about the most articulate thing any of them can muster. Well done, guys.

There’s more to the story as well.  Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) issued the following statement in response to the incident.

“We’re appalled that this trend of disrespectful behaviour would make its way to our city, let alone anywhere near our stadium. ‎We are working to identify the individuals, and when we do they will be banned from all of our facilities. Moving forward, we will also work with our local television outlets to provide extra security support to female reporters doing live hits at any of our games. Our organization is committed to an environment where everyone can feel safe and included and discrimination or intolerance of any kind will be met with a swift and serious response. We’re thankful to our vast majority of fans for standing up against such sexist behaviour and working with us to help prevent it in the future.”


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