According to the Niagara Regional Police,  in 2014 they investigated over 11000 reported incidents of property related crimes in the Niagara Region.  The NRPS notes however, that victims often choose not to report property crimes (so numbers do not necessarily reflect true theft incidents).

In an effort to contain the amount of new theft incidence, police are asking the public to help them prevent crime by taking the simple step of “locking it or losing it”.  This should be done around your property by locking  doors, sheds, cars, and garages.  It is also important the the property you do own is properly accounted for so it can be identified if stolen.

Detectives in Fort Erie were recently investigating a residential break and enter; when they found what they suspected to be stolen property.  The property could not be positively identified as being stolen, and therefore it could not be seized or returned to a rightful owner.  A very frustrating time for victims and police officers.

The NRPS would like to share some tips for identifying your property:

– Every six months take out your smart phone and walk about your home taking pictures of all the rooms and their contents.


– Write down or take pictures of the all serial number, makes, and model numbers of your valuables.

– Securely store these photos away from your home or in a cloud server.

– Place an identifying mark or number on the valuable  e.g. name (initials), cell number, licence plate number.

– If you are the victim of a property related theft provide the police with make, model, serial number, identifying marks, and receipts as soon as possible.

– If you are the victim of property crime, check out online buy/sell web pages and local second hand stores.  Stolen property has surfaced in the past in these locations.

– If you locate your property, contact the police so we can continue to investigate what happened and help get it back for you.


– The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police endorses the use of the Trace Pen for the prevention of property crime and the recovery of stolen property. (pictured left)
Click for More Info: TRACE PEN

Note – Property Crimes includes: Arson, Break and Enter, Theft over $5000, Theft from Vehicle over $5000, Shoplifting over $5000, Theft Under $5000, Theft of Motor Vehicle, Theft from Motor Vehicle under $5000, Theft from Motor Vehicle over $5000, Shoplifting under $5000, Possession of stolen property, Fraud, Identity theft, Identity fraud, Mischief, Mischief to religious property

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