Folks have been getting RILED UP as they LINED UP for their morning cup of coffee at Tim Hortons!

Tims TV (the in-store TV you watch while you are inside the restaurant), was showing pipeline giant Enbridge commercials. The spots that were to be airing for a total of four weeks at more than 1,500 Tim Hortons locations between British Columbia and Ontario.  However, controversy has caused the campaign to be cut short in its third week due to a group called SumOfUs.  SumOfUs launched a petition asking Tim Hortons to pull the ads, accusing them of “shilling” for the oilsands shipper.

Tim Hortons responded to several Twitter users by saying it values the feedback and the ads will no longer be airing on Tims TV…

Some examples of feedback on Twitter:



The SumOfUs group summed up the situation in their own words saying they were called to action because they believed the trusted brand of Tim Horton’s was being used to sell “a skeptical public” on a product.

Now to Alberta….

The move by Tim Hortons is not going over well in Alberta where folks are more oil-friendly. Customers are pledging their own boycott. Politicians took to Twitter to voice support for Enbridge.  Here is an example:



Some marketing experts see this as an over-reaction by the coffee mogul.  As for Enbridge…they played it cool saying they appreciated the feedback and had enjoyed working with Tim Horton’s and respected their decision.

Tim Hortons did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


Enbridge’s $7.9-billion Northern Gateway pipeline, which would ship oilsands bitumen from Alberta to the west coast, is a controversial project.

While approved by the federal government, the pipeline must :

    • Meet 209 conditions; fewer than 30 have been fully completed.
    • Bring aboriginal communities onside; 26 of 45 have signed up.
    • Deal with First Nations court challenges.
    • Secure continued commercial support.
    • Satisfy British Columbia’s conditions.

SOURCE: CBC, Twitter

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