How many of you have ever watched a red or brown outdoor cushion gradually turn that ugly shade of pink from sun exposure? As cold as our winters can be in the Niagara Region, the summer elements can wreak just as much havoc on your outdoor furniture. But there is new hope in bringing them back to life with so many outdoor fabric options available.

This year in early spring, rather than shopping for a new furniture set for thousands of dollars, I decided to extend the life of my current sectional by recovering my pinkish cushions with a brown tweed outdoor fabric. Lucky for me I found a nice lady that sews and it only cost $200. The fabric was purchased from a local fabric store, where they now have many different prints and textures to choose from. You can buy throw pillows almost anywhere, but they can also be improved. (mine pictured below)



One place I like is Finesse Interiors on Geneva Street in St. Catharines which has colourful, fresh and durable fabrics to enhance any cushion or toss pillow. To personalize your patio, deck, outdoor room, balcony or courtyard, they can also make curtains and privacy panels. The store offers beautiful accessories to make your outdoor space come alive again.


Interior Designer, Michele Auger, has been reviving outdoor areas for clients and herself for years. “Why not enjoy the balmy summer days outside by adding some colour and extending your living space outdoors,” she said.

Although these fabrics stand up quite well to summer, you still want to try and protect them by bringing them in or covering them from falling trees, rain and of course those little birds that fly overhead.


The fun part in a project like this is you can customize your outdoor space how you want it. In no time at all new outdoor fabric can make it look fresh again without breaking your bank account.


Some other tips to spruce up outdoors:

1. Refinish old patio furniture with a fresh coat of paint.

2. Placing floral arrangements on your tables is an easy way to make your whole space feel special. Snip a few stems from your yard or—if you lack a green thumb —pick up blooms at the store. A few votive candles, a nice bottle of wine and—voilà!— you’ve created a romantic outdoor oasis!

3. Incorporate rustic and vintage elements. A beautiful wooden bench or coffee table is unexpected outdoors and creates an inviting environment for guests. Planted pots and pretty lanterns accessorize a deck or patio without much effort!

What do you think? Do you like to recycle or do you just prefer to purchase new when things get worn out?  How do you spruce up your outdoor space to make it more inviting?  Comments Welcome!

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