Cancer is a disease that affects  many kids these days and the families that they grow up in.

It is a hard topic to talk about… disease in the prime of life.  But, perhaps a necessary one in that it emphasizes the true fragility of our lives and the importance of making every moment count.

The book TWO MOTHERS, ONE PRAYER tackles this sensitive and heart wrenching theme. It is told from the perspective of two caring mothers, co- authors Laura Lane and Laurie Nersten, who share their intimate conversations as they care for their young daughters who are sick.

As they write about what it takes to cope during such difficult times they explore the topics of friendship and inspiration, struggles and miracles,  joy and sadness,  love and loss.

Their daughters are two 12-year-old girls battling the same rare form of cancer at the same time called Pineoblastoma. Through the Internet—CarePages specifically—the mothers, connected and eventually formed a deep bond, borne of shared experience.

While Laura’s daughter Celeste in Toronto and Laurie’s daughter Hayley in New Jersey dealt with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, their mothers offered each other support and love via email, and the girls grew close via Skype.

Despite the fact that the daughters and mothers shared an unusual diagnosis, similar treatment protocol, and strong faith, they are different in many ways which gives the story a special turn, seeing how different families manage similar circumstances.

Also from the beginning of the book, the reader is made aware that one girl will survive but one will not and although undeniably sad, the memoir is never maudlin, instead it inspires hope and admiration as a young girl chooses how she wishes to spend her final days.

Conveyed via prose, email messages, and Facebook posts, the memoir reads quickly, seeming far shorter than its 200-plus pages. Although both women are deeply caring mothers who rely heavily on their faith, their different personalities emerge: Lane is the artist, seeking creative outlets for her feelings, while Nersten is a nurturer, spending her rare time away from Hayley with her other two children and constantly expressing concern for Lane’s custody situation.

Although the authors intended their book for parents facing a child’s cancer diagnosis, the memoir serves as story of hope for the general reader, the necessity to remain present in each moment, and how to find perspective in even our darkest hours.

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About Local Author Laura Lane:

She has worked, trained with and learned from the world’s leaders in personal growth and development: Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Chris and Janet Attwood, Marci Schimoff, Stephen Covey, Kevin Hall, Ty Bennett, Dave Blanchard, and Wayne Dyer. She has been certified and trained as a LifeSuccess Consultant to teach and coach Bob Proctor’s personal growth and development programs. She has also trained and certified as a Passion Test Facilitator to guide individuals and groups through the Passion Test Process developed by Chris and Janet Attwood. Laura is a published children’s book author, poet, artist, speaker, coach and gallery owner. She is the mother of 4 children Desiree, Celeste, Connlan and Grayson.

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