Police say a CRA scam continues so beware!


The phone rings, the name on the caller id is CRA, or a number from the 613 area code, or a local number calling.  The voice on the phone claims to be an officer with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), RCMP or local police.  The caller advises you that your taxes for the past few years have been audited and there is an outstanding balance due immediately.  You are told your accounts have been frozen, liens have been placed on your property and a warrant for your arrest is being issued unless you immediately pay the outstanding balance. You are instructed to make immediate payment by means of prepaid credit cards, MoneyGram, Western Union (the caller will provide you with the nearest location) or an electronic transfer from your bank account.

You may recognize this immediately as a scam and hang up or the caller was successful in creating such a sense of urgency that you second guess yourself, let your guard down and send the money.

The NRPS continues to receive numerous calls daily from concerned members of the public who haven’t heard about the scam.  Many are elderly and are left shaken by the calls or messages received.

The NRPS is asking the public’s assistance in getting the word out about this scam to those in the community who may not be aware of the scam, especially elderly or vulnerable adults.

Before taking any action, contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly through one of their published numbers to confirm the legitimacy of the call.  For more information about CRA scams please visit the CRA website http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/scrty/frdprvntn/menu-eng.html

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