Well at least not yet.  It looks like our new Prime Minister and his family instead will be going to Rideau Cottage.


In  a statement yeterday the Liberal party said the prime minister-designate, his wife Sophie, and their three children would be immediately relocating to Rideau Cottage, a residence on the grounds of Rideau Hall, the governor general’s larged fenced-in property, “until further notice.”

The reality is that Rideau Hall is well outdated and estimates range between $10 million and $150 million to fix the 34-room residence, which has asbestos in its walls.

Some of the problems recorded at Rideau Hall include:

  • A need for new insulation, as heat and hydro bill topped $69,000 in 2012.
  • An electrical system that had not been updated in 50 years.
  • Windows that were installed in the 1950s needed updating.

The Sussex Drive house has been the prime minister’s residence since 1950. The two-hectare property that overlooks the Ottawa River was built in 1868 by American lumberman Joseph Merrill Currier as a wedding gift for his third wife. Every prime minister since Louis St-Laurent has lived there.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family have lived at 24 Sussex Drive since 2006, despite a report from the auditor general’s office in 2008 that said the residence was in need of major repairs.


Rideau Cottage was constructed in 1867 and is designated as a “recognized” heritage building by the Federal Heritage Building Review Office. The house is nestled in a private area with no public access.

What do you think?  Time for repairs?

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