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An 86-year-old, home on Vancouver’s west side, recently listed for just under $2.4 million, has raised more than a few eyebrows as yet another example of the region’s ballooning real estate prices.

The home is located in Vancouver’s  pricey Point Grey neighbourhood and is just 800-metres away from a brand new home on a similar lot size is selling for nearly double the price.

Photos show the house at 4453 West 14th Ave. as it is but with a lot size of 4,062 square feet, it could be a perfect place to build a perfect house for someone with the bucks to back up their dream.

The three-bedroom interior has some minor updates, but overall the home is less than ideal and could use a major renovation.

The property was recently assessed at $2,145,500, with the building valued at only $45,000. That is a 21% increase from its July 2014 assessment of $1,759,800.


Photos from the Kavanagh Group

4453 W. 14th Ave $2.4M home

4453 W. 14th Ave $2.4M home

4453 W. 14th Ave $2.4M home
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