The Niagara Regional Police Service say they continue to receive numerous complaints from residents that have been targeted by an ongoing tax scam.  Suspects are now spoofing caller ID to give potential victims the impression that the NRPS is calling them.  Initially, potential victims receive phone calls from individuals claiming to work for the Canada Revenue Agency and told that they have an outstanding tax balance that, if not paid immediately, will result in their arrest.


The phone number displayed is spoofed leading the victim to believe the call was from the Canada Revenue Agency.  If payment is not made, the victim will receive a second call.  This time the phone number displayed will be the phone number for the Niagara Regional Police Service (905) 688-4111.  The caller will identify himself as an officer with the Niagara Regional Police claiming a complaint from the Canada Revenue Agency has been received and a warrant for the victim’s arrest has been issued.  The phony police officer will threaten to arrest the victim if funds are not sent immediately.

These types of communication are meant to elicit a sense of stress and urgency.   Do not take immediate action and verify the legitimacy of the communication before providing personal information or money.  Before taking action, contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly by obtaining phone numbers from the CRA’s webpage to verify that money is owed to, or by you, or the CRA requires additional information.  Do not rely on the phone numbers provided by the caller.

The CRA will not ask for payment using money transfer services such as Western Union, Money Gram or e-transfers to an email address.

The Niagara Regional Police Service or any police service will not contact anyone to collect outstanding taxes or any outstanding bills and does not use money transfer services such as Western Union, Money Gram or e-transfers to an email address.

These scams are continuously changing and evolving.  For more information on these scams visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s webpage

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