Police say on March 15, 2016, uniform officers from #1 District – St. Catharines met with a St. Catharines family regarding a suspicious person incident that had occurred earlier in the day.


The father told police that at approximately 12:15PM he and his two children (ages 10 & 12) were at the Home Depot located at 20 YMCA Drive in St. Catharines.  He chatted briefly with a friend he met, and when he turned around he saw that an unknown adult female was walking away with her arm around his daughter.  The father ran to catch up and found that his daughter was now standing with the unknown female and an unknown male.  Unbeknownst to the father his daughter had forgotten her purse in the bathroom.  The unknown male was holding the purse.

The father took back the purse and the unknown couple left together.At this time there is no evidence of a criminal offence.

Police are looking to identify and speak with the couple to discuss their actions and intentions further.
Video surveillance photos were not available and limited descriptions are available which include:
Female Caucasian, in her 50s, black and grey jacket, purple and orange shirt and a male Caucasian with grey hair.
Anyone with information is asked to contact: Detective Constable Kate Livingstone 905-688-4111Ext. 4358

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