If you are looking forward to the warm weather and a nice stroll along the Port Dalhousie waterfront on the piers, things are not looking promising.

Since last April, the historic piers have been closed to the public over safety concerns and now it seems that the structure is in even worse shape than originally thought.

During a briefing yesterday, engineers with Fisheries and Oceans Canada say they found severe deterioration and the underwater timbers supporting the piers, that were built in the 1870’s, have rotted and there is basically nothing there to support the concrete above it.  The big concern is that the whole structure could even tip into the lake and the cost to repair?  Huge.

Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

Port Dalhousie Lighthouse

Early estimates put the cost of replacing the piers in the $23 to $33 million dollar range.  This price tag includes piling rock along the sides to prevent the piers from failing, which would allow pedestrian traffic but make it impossible for boats to moor, another option is to decommission the piers and turn them into rubble break walls which couldn’t be used by pedestrians or boats.The $33 million option allows both pedestrians and boaters. It would see the piers supported  with steel sheet piles.

It should be remembered that all the options are only estimates at this time as well and  right now there is no word whether Ottawa will come up with the funds needed.

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Photos: Dave Robinson


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