Wow. This is quite the “tail”….The recipient of a shipment of DVDs was just a little bit freaked out  when a Siamese cat jumped out of the box that had arrived in the mail!  How did this possibly happen?


Can you believe, the cat’s owner Julie Baggott,  had been packing up DVDs to send to a buyer on the other side of the southern English coast when her cat, Cupcake, jumped into the large box for nap. Without realizing her cat was inside, Baggott sealed the box and then sent it on its way and by doing so sent her cat on an eight-day journey from her home county in Cornwall, England, to West Sussex, more than 400 kilometres away.!

Baggott soon realized her beloved kittie was missing and thinking she ran away, did all the things worried pet owners usually do like making posters and searching everywhere.

The next week, Ziffit, a service that trades used goods for cash, opened the box and found the cat, which appeared quite unhealthy, they wrote in blog post on their website. They then proceeded to contact the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity that picked up the cat and handed her to the Grove Lodge Vets.

A vet who treated Cupcake said she was “quite dehydrated and obviously really quite scared”.  The good news though is that Cupcake is going to be ok and because she was implanted with a microchip, Baggott was contacted and Cupcake made it home.  Baggott said of the experience: “It was a miracle she was alive, she’s managed to survive that awful ordeal.”

(Picture from Grove Lodge Veterinary Group/Facebook)

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