(Pictured in main photo: Laura, Matt and Juneau Marr)


I love my work. I mean, we match pets and people and we get to listen to so many happily-ever-after stories every day, what could be better than that? I love when people really get that adopting an animal is expanding your family, and nothing less.

This loving obituary touched my heart deeply. This shelter dog was completely loved and accepted, respected and cherished. And now, grieved for and missed. I asked the pet parents if I could share their words with you.


Here is their loving obituary for their beloved family member. They tell me she was “just the best. Loving and loved in return.”


2007- May 11, 2016

Juneau Marr of Hagersville, ON known by many nicknames including Junebug, Lovebug, June, Juneifer, Junathan, died peacefully at her forever home. Her first three years of life remain a mystery as she did not talk about them. She spent one year in the Niagara Falls Humane Society stinking up the place and awaiting a family. May 19, 2011 Juneau made the bold decision to adopt a young couple named Matt + Laura.


She spent the next few months training them and testing their boundaries. After experiencing great success she was able to focus on her true passions, rolling on her back, car rides and jumping off the bed before getting caught. Juneau was a foodie with unique interest in paint, tall grass and trashcans. She is survived by her Matt + Laura, her grandparents, her Janey and her uncles Tyler, Jeffrey and Champ. She leaves behind many friends, human and canine. A celebration of life was held Saturday May 14th for close family and friends. In Lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Niagara Falls Humane Society

Adopting a shelter animal can be the experience of a lifetime!  Here are some dogs looking for homes at the Niagara Falls Humane Society NOW: (Below Dexter an Australian Shepherd)



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Why not come down and find your new best friend for life?

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