I need lots of warm and fuzzy in my life, doesn’t everyone?


Working at the Niagara Falls Humane Society, I’m fortunate to be exposed to all kinds of warm and fuzzy – well, warm and furry – on a daily basis. I see examples of human kindness daily.  I am surrounded by volunteers; amazing, giving people who truly understand the value in kindness. Their compassion enriches lives daily, human and animal. These people give their time for many reasons. Some of them want to make a difference in their community, or in the lives of the animals. Some want to learn new things, some want to have fun, some have a need to give back. Volunteers see a need and step right up to fill it. Some are all about learning new skills, stretching new muscles. Some are passionate about their beliefs and want to share that passion with others, or put that passion to work. Many volunteers talk about how much their work provides personal growth and how it helps them to be a better, more compassionate and understanding person.

Volunteers often experience a sense of emotional involvement, a deep sense of

commitment and accomplishment knowing they are making a difference in their little corner

of the world. Volunteers at NFHS become advocates for the animals and they spread

compassion and understanding throughout our community. They are wonderful teachers

and coaches, sharing their belief in kindness and respect for others, including the animals.

Kindness is all about doing something for others in a selfless way. It is a mighty virtue indeed. I am blessed to come from a loving and helping family. You know, the family where everyone shows up on moving day and doesn’t leave until you are all settled in. The family that all shows up at the hospital. The family where disagreements are few, and where everyone is treated with respect and gentleness.  I wish everyone could grow up that way.  My parents have always spread kindness in our community by volunteering and by simple generosity of spirit.

The animals who find their way to the NFHS often have a tragic or unknown past.  What I notice, though, is that a little kindness offered with sensitivity brings a quick response.  First there is a little bit of suspicion – that “really?” response, the disbelief at receiving  gentle, respectful treatment. Then an opening up, a slow and steady build of comfort, and finally a bestowing of affection, the ultimate expression of trust.


I see that people react much the same. It seems many people are surprised to find themselves at the receiving end of kindness.  Like the animals, I notice that people sometimes react with surprise or suspicion before leaning into the good feelings that compassion and respect can foster. It’s so often the little things. The awareness of the other creatures in our community. The smile you give your clients, the door you hold, the cookies you bake to share. My daughter has found that she can help her customers have a better day with a smile and a bit of conversation. My husband  has discovered in his volunteer work that simple things like offering a patient something to drink or giving them a little company can bring a heartfelt thank you. My father is a person that hears about a need and quietly finds a solution every time. They’ve all learned how people respond to a little kindness in a busy world.

Animals are dependent upon the kindness of strangers. Aren’t people too? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  we all could stop being surprised by the kindness of our fellow creatures and learn to count on it instead? Pause for a moment to consider others.

Kindness feels good.

Spend some time with an animal. Let them teach you a thing or two


Pictured are siblings Gabe and Goldie. Gabe is a sweet loving boy who just loves people and Goldie loves her belly rubs! They love to cuddle and play with each other. Gabe and Goldie have a special adoption fee of $500 and must be adopted together.These siblings are full of love and spunk , they are such happy friendly sweethearts.

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