On Saturday May 28th a group of friends were in the area of Twelve Mile Creek, St Catharines.  The group had consumed a quantity of alcohol throughout the afternoon. At approximately 6:00 pm a 50 year old male from this group decided to jump off the train bridge into Twelve Mile Creek.  This train bridge is located near Hillcrest Avenue and is approximately 80′ above the water.


The male was seriously injured due to the fall into the water.  His friends began to scream and yell for help which alerted some near-by residents.  Police, Fire and EMS all began to respond to the calls for help.

The male and his friends were located near Rodman Hall Art Centre.  He was quickly assessed and transported to the St Catharines General Hospital and later via air ambulance was transported to the Hamilton General Hospital.

He is listed in stable condition with non-life injuries.  The male suffered a punctured lung and chest related injuries.  There was no allegations of any criminal activity involved in this incident.

With the warmer temperatures of summer approaching, The Niagara Regional Police wish to remind all citizens of the Niagara Region to use only approved swimming facilities and never jump into unfamiliar water at any time.

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