LowCal Media Inc., owners and operators of popular local community-based, web platform Niagarabuzz.ca, is pleased to announce it’s newly formed strategic partnership with Destination Niagara Falls, a successful online marketing platform that promotes local tourism for top tier Niagara hotels and attractions.


With a combined audience of over 2 million unique users and an extended reach to literally hundreds of thousands more across multiple social media platforms, Annie Silvester of Niagarabuzz.ca and Joyce Morocco of Destination Niagara Falls.ca  have joined forces to offer local businesses the opportunity to maximize awareness towards their brands through multiple, proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

As part of their combined service offering to local business owners, the duo has begun to produce professional, 1-2 minute online videos, of which are released across their newly integrated platforms, including their popular web sites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Exposure will be broadened with extensive Trade Show exposure and monthly distrubution of newsletters to thousands of subscribers.

Why Videos?

According to a recent study by Cisco , Video is the #1 source that people use to get their information online and videos hosted on YouTube are one of the fastest, best ways to significantly increase Google rankings (SEO). In addition, videos can be easily shared across most social media platforms and if implemented correctly, have one of the longest shelf lives in terms of repeat use and longevity.

Simply put, online video launched through an established web platform such as Niagarabuzz.ca/Destination Niagara Falls supported by social media, is the most effective and economical way to generate awareness towards businesses in the Niagara Region.

Annie Silvester, Niagarabuzz.ca Founder and Publisher comments “Joyce and I formed our partnership in response to an in depth market analysis indicating a lack of economical, effective awareness services. As such we are pleased with the local community’s tracked response and look forward to continuing to fill a now proven void as we take our next steps towards helping local businesses not only sustain, but grow through the implementation of our proven online marketing strategies.”

Joyce Morocco, Founder of Destination Niagara Falls comments Annie and I are both so passionate about Niagara and all we have to offer as a tourism destination that we discovered a partnership was a natural idea. While combining our experience, strategies, platforms and networks we’re confident that we will break down barriers while positively impacting the economic development of the region.”

Tracking software indicates the Niagarabuzz.ca web site receives most of its traffic from users located in and around all twelve municipalities of the Niagara Region. Secondary audiences extend through Buffalo, Hamilton and Toronto. To date, the web site averages up to 100,000 unique users per month.

Tracking software indicates the Destination Niagara Falls web site receives most of its traffic from users outside of the Niagara Region, receiving visits from across Canada and the United States, with a similar sized audience.Therefore, the announced partnership that integrates the two platforms presents an opportunity to maximize viewership, not only to local audiences, but far beyond.

With this extended added value proposition, we look forward to offering our partners the tools necesarry for an exceptional online presence.

For more information:  info@niagarabuzz.ca or jmorocco@destinationniagarafalls.ca

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