(Main Picture: Gemini, a Boston Terrier Mix up for adoption at the Niagara Falls Humane Society)




In today’s world we are absolutely bombarded with comparisons. If you’re like me, it feels bloody maddening trying to keep up. I want to run this way one moment, and then the opposite direction the next; all in hopes of being successful or trying to stand out. But- does this really help? With each passing ad, article and headline, our heads are swarmed with so many things from the media. It’s like sticking your head into a bees nest. The next best fashion trend, musician, group, TV show, celebrity…you name it, we are bombarded with it.




ABOVE: See Toby here, he’s standing out shining like a royal prince. Toby is a beautiful Hound mix.


The secret to success is this; focus on something easy to attain each day and complete it. Master it and move on. Do this each day and you are walking towards your dream, towards your passion. One step in front of the other, as they used to say. Focus is key. Without it, you are right back into that bees nest. Total confusion. No progression and a lot of wasted time. Start by turning off that cell phone in your hands. It’s nothing but a distraction.


Here at the Shelter, we don’t have time to scroll through our endless FaceBook news feeds, tweets, and latest filtered food pictures on Instagram. Mind you, those filters in Snapchat are quite amusing – but I digress. Caring for animals is very hands on, and there’s no way around it. It’s something special to connect with another being. In a world so focused on individualism and “standing out” we have lost the appreciation for true connection with something other than ourself. The beautiful assortment of animals comes and goes, with the ebb and flow of each day. It blows my mind how many pure bred animals people willingly abandon – and I have no idea why. Is technology and impatience to blame? Is is immaturity or carelessness from parents who buy a “starter” animal, only to find out that you actually need to maintain, love, clean and care for another being? Is it that hard? Not at all. This is where I hope you can help fill the gap, step up and grow as an individual.



ABOVE: Check out Abe posing for the camera like a runway model as he rolls and plays in the grass outside in our play area.

I carefully selected the title of this article for a reason – and that’s to catch your attention. Everyone wants to stand out and be proud, but that takes effort and work. Just like our hard work at the shelter. Just like the hard work we put in at work, with our children and with our families. Think of it this way. What happens to your front yard if you don’t maintain it? Common sense tells us that it will quickly become overgrown and look ugly. It’s lazy and anyone can clearly see that. The same idea goes for any relationship in our lives, human or animal.

To stand out, you have to do things that nobody else is doing. Why? It’s to get places where no one else can. Can I get an applause for that? It’s true. My hope is that my advocacy stirs something inside of our readers. My hope is that we will put the phones down, turn off the TV, shut down the Netflix and get outside. Get to the shelter. Get into the lives of these cats, dogs, and other small furry animals. Get into the healthy habit of effective and positive change. There are hundreds of studied from credible and peer reviewed sources that confirm being outside, being active and being around animals reduces mental health issues while boosting physical health and mood. You don’t always need a pharmaceutical pill for managing your emotions – you need to be active and excited about life. You can chose to be active and pursue those passions. You can chose to get out and play, run, and cuddle with animals. You can volunteer or adopt with the Niagara Falls Humane Society. Owning a pet is life altering. But, it comes with responsibility. There is no such thing as a “starter pet.” There is no such thing as a “starter child.” It takes work and commitment, and I promise you it will change your life in a very positive way.



ABOVE: Jax is taking in the fresh air with his big goofy tongue hanging out. He’s such a character!

Our country is overflowed with medications to manage everything. More often than not, medications don’t fix anything, they just mask the problem. To stand out, what do we have to do? You got it – do things nobody else is doing. That means volunteering. That means coming out of your comfort zone and interacting with actual human beings. That means being outside and playing with our many dogs who are just dying to get out and enjoy this hot weather. That means getting a tan because you are outside having fun in the sun, and off that couch. That means overcoming that trauma you’ve tried to suppress and allowing a dog or cat to see your hurt, feel your pain and walk through it with you in love and acceptance. It’s ok to feel those sad emotions, it’s a part of healing and becoming stronger. Pets know. They feel it too and they will be there right by your side every moment of it. They just know what to do. This is how we stand out when everything looks the same. This is how we create those special moments in life that matter to us, that make us feel good.




ABOVE: Butterfly will need a patient and loving home, who will give her time to show what a wonderful girl she really is.

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This week’s submission was written by: By Chris Dalton at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.

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