Local structural steel manufacturer Hopkins Steel, located in Welland will close its doors permanately.  It was bought by Superior Group a few years back with the main function of supplying steel products to the oil industry in western Canada.


The company which has been around for about 60 years in Welland has seen a decrease in work with the oil sands demand for their products dropping sharply and it was Monday that their 12 remaining employees got the news of the closure.

The company has reportedly been struggling for some time and now will move some of the more valuable equipment out of the facility and try to sell off what remains.

A spokesperson for the United Steelworkers Union, which represents the workers says because the plant was so small, workers are not entitled to severance pay, however, it is expected that the union will sit down with management to try to negotiate some kind of severance package.

Welland Mayor Frank Campion said the city would contact the company to determine if there is anything that can be done to assist.

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