Gotta get those holiday decorations up if they’re not!  But, a group out of B.C. says you’d better watch out for those men in your life over 50 because they are at the highest risk of getting injured over the festive season!

A B.C. based organization called Community Against Preventable Injuries says that men over 50 are more likely than any other demographic to suffer a preventable injury around the holidays because their experience makes them gung-ho about taking risks around the house. Especially when it comes to the trickey task of holiday decor….(Christmas lights on the roof anyone)?!


The group says that “people say, ‘I’m not going to get injured, I’ve done this 100,000 times before and nothing’s gone wrong”…..but then it does (think Chevy Chase in 1989’s National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation).

Case and point: with ladders, for example, men are more likely to lean over and extend their reach while hanging Christmas lights, in order to get the house decorating done a little quicker. A choice that can lead to sprains and broken bones.

Preventable says approximately 700 individuals are hospitalized each year in their home province of B.C. alone after falling off ladders – and many of those injuries happen around the holiday season.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t cut corners. Do the job the right way, and you won’t find yourself opening presents with a cast on Christmas Day!

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