(Main picture is Roti Mix Carlos.  He has been waiting so long for a home.  Could you give him one for the holidays?  For more information on this 2 year old roti mix please CLICK HERE).


There is a rural road I travel, usually several times a week.  After passing several industrial buildings, it is bordered by trees and brush on one side, with twists and turns following a river along the opposite side.  This river is peaceful and smooth as a mirror on some days, while on others it is choppy with waves.  Recreationists and fishermen love this river and use it frequently in nice weather.  There are several areas where vehicles can pull into a parking area and I often see people fishing, throwing sticks for their dogs, or just relaxing in a lawn chair, watching the water flow by.

What I can’t understand is that people use the ditches and brush alongside this roadway as a dumping ground for all sorts of debris:  garbage bags filled with who knows what, baby strollers, highchairs, large toys, loads of bricks, barbecues, even stoves and washers or dryers, and the list goes on.  There must be crews that clean up this garbage regularly, but there is always a new collection within a few days.

And while I am puzzled that people think it’s okay to toss this stuff out of their cars, vans, trucks, etc., I really shouldn’t be.  Because there are also people who toss Beagles from apartment balconies, or cats from moving cars on a busy highway, or freeze sealife in a skating rink — atrocities which were described in news broadcasts recently.

In a perfect world, children, spouses, and pets would not be mistreated, abused, abandoned, neglected, or worse. (Pictured below, Possum, a Border Collie Mix looking for a home now.  For more information please CLICK HERE).


Doing our own small part to alleviate the suffering of living creatures is a responsibility we should all embrace, and the team at the Niagara Falls Humane Society is fulfilling that mandate, one precious shelter pet at a time, one day at a time.

With heavy hearts they rescue animals that have been ‘tossed aside’, but then the rescuer kicks into action to make things better for the poor creature, making its pain go away, giving it comfort and safety, and a loving touch.

My wish is that everyone realizes the acquisition of a pet is a forever commitment, a bond that becomes stronger and deeper as the years go by, and that no one feels it is okay to toss away a family member.  There is lots said about adopting pets at holiday times, and quite often they can be impulse decisions that are later regretted.  So if you should decide that this is a good time to add a member to your family I hope you carefully consider the pros and cons, and the permanent nature of your actions. (Pictured below, tinsel, a six year old grey and white cat who is declawed looking for her furever home. Could it be yours?  For more information please CLICK HERE).


Many people would love to have a pet given to them at Christmas, but for others it may not be a good idea.   The recipient should be consulted and be a part of the process, to be sure the pet is a good fit for their lifestyle and living situation.  For instance, it would not be a good idea to give a cat to someone living in an apartment, only to find that pets are not allowed in the building.  That results in devasting emotions for the cat and the gift recipient when the animal has to be returned.  Due diligence is always better than hindsight.

With holidays approaching, perhaps you’ll have some extra time to bring cheer to the pets at the Shelter on Chippawa Parkway and the Adoption Centre at Niagara Square…they would love to have a walk and a few cuddles!  If you happen to come in with a bag of dog food, cat food, kitty litter or some toys, so much the better.  You will be their hero!

This week’s piece contribured by Niagara Falls Humane Society’s dog enrichment program volunteer Phyllis Babyk

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