The Niagara Regional Police Service say they  investigating two incidents that occurred in the north end of St. Catharines where a man approached two young girls.


On December 12, 2016, at approximately 4:00PM in the area of Heywood Avenue and Clover Street in St. Catharines a 14 year old girl was delivering newspapers.  While doing so she noticed a red pick-up truck seemed to be following her for approximately five minutes.

At one point the red pick-up truck pulled beside the girl and the driver attempted to speak with her.  The girl ignored the driver.  He drove up the street and parked.  He then appeared to watch the girl.  The red pick-up truck then left the area with no further contact with the girl.  It was last seen turning onto Niagara Street.

On December 13, 2016, at approximately 8:30AM in the area of Lakeshore Road and Eastfield Court a 13 year old girl was walking alone to school.   The girl noticed a man walking alone behind her.  The girl reported to police that she heard the man utter a threat to her safety.  The girl did not respond to the man.  As she walked faster to leave the area she heard keys jingling.  The girl looked back and saw a red pick-up truck running and the male could no longer be seen.

The NRPS is investigating both incidents and believe the same man may be involved.  The man is described as:
– White, 20-30 years old
– Brown short hair
– Grey sweat shirt
– Blue baggy jeans

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives from the 1 District – St. Catharines Criminal Investigation Branch or call Crime Stoppers of Niagara.

Stranger Safety Tips

– Close supervision of children is paramount, especially children such as preschoolers who may be unable to identify threatening situations.

– Talk to your kids about “what if” situations.

– Consider role playing how to react and what to do should be considered.

– Practice the potential dialogue for them in good and bad situations.

– Remind children adults should/would not ask a child for help without speaking to their parents.

– Talk to children about what a safe stranger might be. E.g.. Police, Firefighter, Paramedic

– Teach children to seek out and move to safety if they feel threatened.

– Talk to children about their instincts and how important they are, and when in doubt seek out an adult they trust.

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