(Main picture is Dolly a 2 year old mastiff mix who really needs a new place to call home after waiting a long time at the shelter.  Can you help this sweet girl out?!) For more information CLICK HERE.  


I have a theory…

My theory is that cats are slowly training humans to do their bidding. One minute you’re asleep, the next you realize it’s two in the morning and you’re half asleep, scratching the chin of the pointy-ended quadruped that’s purring up a storm beside you. The kicker is that you’re probably not all that mad about it. Odds are, your cat ignored you all day. Or at the very least, tolerated your presence, waiting for the perfect time to butter you up and suck you in. (Belowkate, up for adoption now at the Niagara falls Humane Society. For information CLICK HERE).



I have definitely found myself in this exact situation. If you asked me where I would find one of my cats right now, I would be forced to admit that she is lying lengthwise across my bed, taking up the majority of the space.  (Below Jack, upf ro adoption now.  A 2 year old furball looking for love!) For more information CLICK HERE).


Am I going to move her? No, I am not. Why? I moved my foot a while ago and I’m 90% certain that it offended her in some way. Am I letting her control my sleeping habits? It’s possible, but she’s cute.


Cat are subtle geniuses. They can play mind games with you. My personal favourite is the one where they cry at your bedroom door then take their sweet time deciding if they actually want in or not. Others might mention the belly trap, where they flip over waiting on that belly rub, purring away. You know what’s going to happen but you fall for it anyhow; your hand now belongs to them. (Below, Fred a lovely 5 year old Coon Hound with a wonderful personality.  Why not come down and meet him today!  For more information CLICK HERE).


Maybe it’s not subtle genius, perhaps it’s more of a passive aggressive reminder that they own you.


Think about the glass of water you took to bed with you. They own that too and they probably stood on you while they were drinking out of it. In the morning you might go to take a sip from it, only to be met with a mouthful of cat hair. You probably won’t even complain about it and regret not taking a water bottle instead. That cat however, thanks you for that nice water dish you brought for them last night. (Below, a couple of seniors looking for their new furever homes. First here’s Dallas! For more info please click here).


Below is plus sized Ginger! She is also 8 years old.  For more information CLICK HERE.


We do these things because they make them happy and a happy cat means a happy human. We adjust ourselves to their schedules and they come to expect certain things at certain times. If your cat gets cuddly at a certain time every night, they’ve probably also trained you to be in a certain spot so they can show their affection.

Below, please consider long time resident Carlos.  He really deserves a new home and has been at the shelter longer than anyone. For more information CLICK HERE. He is 2 year old Rotti Mix.


If you think your cat has no control over you, you should probably start looking for the signs. Then, once you’ve seen the signs, embrace them. That cat loves you and no matter how strange they are, you love them too.

This week’s column written by: Katarina Rind

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