Main picture is Carlos, he has been waiting all winter and more for a home.  If you are intrested in this lovely Rotti Mix please CLICK HERE.


I really dislike snow. However, I like the idea of snow. I enjoy looking at it but I’d prefer not to actually experience it. So, I of course was left to fend off the snow this past week on my own. Our neighbour bailed out the driveway twice after he saw me struggling with our measly shovel.

Below, Birdie. For more information CLICK HERE



The only thing I actually like about snow, is when I get to see an animal experience it. This week, I watched as my cats chased snow flakes along the window sill and pawed at the snow that was stuck to the glass. I also watched as our dog, Norman, as he frolicked through the snow banks and bounced across our lawn.

Below, Chester.  If you would like to adopt this cutie please find more information by CLICKING HERE.



Without fail, every time I have watched one of our family dogs play out in the snow, I have been inspired to join them. Every dog we’ve had has loved to play outside in the winter.


Currently, there are two impressions on our lawn. One is human shaped and the other appears to be dog shaped. Norman shaped to be exact. (Below, Fred, a hound mix who would make a great addition to a loving home!  For more information CLICK HERE).



These impressions occurred after my partner in crime and I had cleared out the stairs, walkway, and garage door. After a friendly snowball fight, which I lost because someone decided to use a shovel, I had run with Norman into the centre of the yard and flopped down in the snow. He pawed at my arm briefly before flopping down beside me and rolling around.


Norman had been tethered in the front yard with us while we shoveled and seemed to enjoy chasing the snow that we threw onto the lawn. He tuckered out after a while and let us know when he was ready to go inside and get dried off.  Below, Lily, a happy little Mountain Cur Mix.  For more information CLICK HERE.



But as we were lying there in the snow, I was thinking about how difficult it would be to walk him with all the snow piled up on the sidewalks. The road was clear but not exactly ideal to walk on. How would we avoid oncoming cars? Would we climb up onto the snow banks?


Snow isn’t exactly a good enough excuse to avoid getting your dog proper exercise. You may want to wait until the worst of it stops and you may find it difficult to take them for a walk on the snow-filled sidewalks. Playing with them until they tire out in the yard isn’t a bad thing. They will eventually tire out, just like they do on their walks.

Below, Elroy, a 1.5 year old Lab Shepherd Mix.  For more information CLICK HERE.


This week’s column written by Katarina Rind.  For more information on all adoptions please visit the Niagara Falls Humane Society website:

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