Adorable baby skunks are seen this time of year . Here they are having a little stroll locally…


Have you seen any cute birdies hopping around the ground lately? More little creatures getting into your garbage or making nests in your trees. Wildlife is beautiful and we take it for granted.


While the Niagara Falls Humane Society does not deal with healthy wildlife – we help with those who are sick or injured. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some tips on how to co-exist with our wild friends so that everyone can be happy and appreciate the beauty of life.

It is often seen that wild animals are pests and are making their way to inappropriate areas where they are causing problems or getting themselves hurt, I think of it as they are being pushed out and into our communities by the ongoing developments/construction that is inevitable. What we need to do is help guide them to the right direction/avoid having them think that your property is ideal.

Below, Casper up for adoption now is a Beagle Mix.  For more information CLICK HERE


Who to call when you see an injured/sick wild animal – 905-356-4404

If you are having issues with any healthy wildlife or need removal/ advice on your specific situation – Call Skedaddle Wildlife or visit the website – (905) 641-8800 / they are professionals who will help guide you to a solution.

Baby bunnies are also very common and can be mistaken as abandoned often putting their lives in danger every time they are taken away from the nest or given food that they shouldn’t have – any food that is not grass /forage material is not safe and you should never feed a wild animal even if you think it is the right thing to do. It can be dangerous and life threatening as wild bunnies have a different tolerance for food and anything they can’t get themselves can harm them greatly. “Momma” bunnies only visit the nest two times a day – dawn and dusk and she will feed them then, they are ready to leave in just 3 weeks! Enjoy the wonders of nature and enjoy it while it lasts. If you have a problem with your dog chasing them or wanting to hunt them , thoroughly check your yard regularly and have your dog either tethered or away from the babies. For more detailed information –

Juvenile raccoons and baby squirrels are also one of many calls we get for nuisance wildlife- Keeping your home free from garbage and checking that any entry points are secure and cannot be easily accessed.

Below, Mastiff Mix Bayou.  A handsome boy looking for a home!  For more information CLICK HERE


Baby birds are also very common and fledglings are hopping all over the place! Well, until they learn to fly! Have questions? Check out this link from the Bird Rescue Centre where they have all the information you need to make sure you call the right people or if it should be left alone-

Adorable baby skunks are also seen this time of year and I captured an adorable picture (main picture) of 3 little ones finding their way to the forest. I appreciate wildlife and I hope everyone gets the chance to observe and not intervene whenever possible. You will be amazed when you stop and look around!

The shelter is home to many cats looking for forever homes and we are always in need of non-coloured adult dry cat food and kitten food. Many of the cats who are not quite ready for adoption love to eat canned wet food and are supply is running a little low! We are very thankful for the support from our community and we could use your help to rebuild our supply.

Below, Drama, A Siamese looking for love at the Niagara Falls Humane Society.  For more information CLICK HERE.


We just recently opened 2 new adoption centre locations- Cats On Queen, 4428 Queen St, will be open 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday and  For the Love of Cats, 3770 Montrose Rd, Unit 7, will also be open 10-5, Monday to Friday. Go visit our new locations and see the kitties who are looking for forever homes.

Below, Woody who is waiting for YOU!  Look at those eyes…For more information CLICK HERE.


This week’s column written by: Alexis Bennett 

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