Pictured is Drama,  a 9-year-old Seal Point Siamese who would like to help someone do their part for the animals in the world.  To enquire about adoption for her please click HERE.


An incident occurred last night which got me to thinking: not about life and our purpose on this earth, nothing as grandiose as that. Rather, I was thinking about the little things we do which make our life and the lives of others so much better.

The incident occurred on a local highway on ramp. A group of my friends were traveling to pick up my son and go to a birthday dinner. On the ramp, they saw a large feathery creature being buffeted about by the winds from the big trucks. As they got closer, they could see it was a hawk, and it was still alive! If it was unable to get away from the road, it would clearly end up being blown into the traffic and killed.  (Below, sweet Rodney needs some new digs!  For adoption information please click HERE).


The valiant bunch pulled over, slowed traffic down, and managed to wrap up the raptor whose legs were non-functioning. The bird was frightened, in pain, and completely vulnerable. They called ahead to alert us that they needed an emergency veterinarian. I knew the job was for the local humane society, as they would make sure the hawk went to the appropriate organization for the help it needed.

And so it was. The humane society officer arrived in no time, gently placed the bird into a crate so it couldn’t move around too much and hurt itself more, and assured us she would go to the wild bird sanctuary in Vineland to be healed, then possibly re-released back to its natural area. She said if it was not well enough to be released and live a safe, normal life, they would keep her in the sanctuary, where she might possibly help with educating the public.

This is where my pondering began. The actions of those fabulous four friends was more than commendable. It was exemplary. Where many would have just driven past, they stopped and risked their own safety to help an innocent creature. And when I say innocent, there my pondering takes a quick jump. The poor bird was living its normal life amongst very abnormal surroundings: tarmac, big trucks, cars, going 80 kmh plus speeds. That’s not a normal habitat for a wild bird or any wild animal, however, in this day and age, it is becoming more and more the norm. Our local wildlife has no home anymore. Not really. And as a result, more and more wild animals are finding themselves in untenable and often deadly situations through no fault of their own, but rather due to the changes we are making in the world. (Beautiful Bayou is a Mastiff who is looking for a new family. For adoption information please click HERE).


So basically, we are responsible for ensuring those animals continue to live as normal a life as possible. We are responsible for taking away their natural habitat to live in bigger, better homes out in the country, which then soon becomes as built up as the city, so we move a little further out, but can’t do without those conveniences we enjoy, so we build it up again, and so on and so on. In the end, we live our little life and wild life loses theirs.



So my I, in my pondering thoughts, came to a conclusion. Animals, both domesticated and wild, are our responsibility on this earth. It’s our job, and our privilege, to make sure they are all safe and happy in whatever environment suits them best. Many of us can’t jump out of speeding cars and fearlessly rescue wild raptors from certain death, but there is lots we can do.

The Niagara Falls Humane Society is always in need of animal supplies, food, medical supplies, and office supplies. They accept donations in many different forms. They welcome volunteers in all duties: dog walkers, cat sitters, cleaning cages, manning the Cat Adoption Centre and much more. These little things most of us can do – and should do – it’s a small price to pay for all life on this earth to live freely and comfortably.

To find out how you can help our furred and feathered friends far and wide, visit www.nfhs.ca 

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