The School of Philosophy in St. Catharines will be starting up classes again in September with an open house Sept 10th 2017.


In this video interview, Instructor John Storm talks about how practical philosophy is something for everyone in all walks of life.

The School teaches Practical Philosophy.

Practical Philosophy is the use of philosophy and philosophical techniques in everyday life.  By putting Eastern and Western philosophical principles into practice, students experience the value of self-knowledge and the true nature of happiness.

Practical Philosophy is for those who want to:

1.  Broaden  their perspective to experience life more deeply;

2.  Expand the meaning and understanding of their own life;

3.  Explore Eastern and Western Philosophies;

4.  Discover wisdom and freedom in the present moment;

5.  Connect with a spiritual community of like-minded individuals.

Anyone with an interest is encouraged to fin out more by visiting the website.

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